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Linen & Decor - Arabic Decor

Listed prices are for item hire only; delivery and collect fees are additional
Please note that we have a minimum hire order of AED 1500.00

Arabic Lantern
Large - With Stained Glass
1.1m h x .26m w
AED 240.00
Arabic Lantern
Medium - With Stained Glass
.40m h x .22m w
AED 185.00
Arabic Lantern
Small - With Stained Glass
.30m h x .10m w
AED 60.00
Arabic Lantern Set
With Stained Glass
Set of 3
AED 420.00
Arabic Lantern
.87m h x .26m w
AED 205.00
Arabic Lantern
.58m x .10m w
AED 100.00
Arabic Lantern Set
Set of 2
AED 295.00

Please note there may be some variations in product scale - refer to product measurements for actual size

Prices listed are VAT exclusive